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Ritsuko Fawkes

Japanese High School RPG

Welcome to Gakuin High, one of the many high schools located in Tokyo, Japan. Out of the many schools, Gakuin High is definitely not the best. In fact, the delinquets seem to be the ones in power with the school, faculty, and student council trying desperately to maintain control. Despite lacking wealth, Gakuin High is rich with high school drama including love quarrels, the test of true friendship, and unwanted parental controls. Add in all the peer pressure high school has to offer of sex, drugs, and gangs, and you have a dangerous mix for adventure. Every student is unique. Every student is here for a reason.

Introducing an RPG set in modern day Tokyo, Japan, that focuses on the lives of unlikely high school students. The RPG is based on original ideas with original Japanese high school students. All RPing is done on LiveJournal, in 3rd person, past tense.

We were on hiatus since 2011, and we are just beginning to start back up. New Year’s has just passed, and students will be beginning the third term in January. We are looking for good writers, loyal typists, and it’s preferred if you have at least a little bit of knowledge about Japan (even if it comes from manga).

RPG Board – japanese_high
OOC Board – tokyo_high
Website – http://japanese-high.weebly.com
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